buy a truck Dyna in Myanmar

I say a chat, and the money of used truck such as the Dyna to buy in Myanmar expresses the currency sign in ks.
It sometimes has 10,000ks mainly in 50ks, 100ks, 200ks,500ks, 1000ks, 5,000ks to circulate. 1ks is 1,000 yen for 0.1 yen (at May, 2014) in 10,000ks of the maximum money. Because generally it is 100,000ks (approximately 10,000 yen), as for the salary of the Myanmarese public employee, 5000ks (approximately 500 yen) becomes the large denomination bill in the 1-30 part of 20 minutes in Japan in a salary.
If used trucks such as the Dyna are 30,000,000ks (approximately 3 million yen), I use a unit of the origin called lakh (rack) in India because there are many figures. 1lakh is congenial to the Japanese currency for approximately 10,000 yen. In the case of a used truck of this Dyna, it becomes 300lakh.
Because the bank of Myanmar cannot go online enough, a partner cannot do transfer. Therefore business is a cash transaction.
I will get money included in bag and a black plastic bag when I sell the Dyna like the point.
Generally, I have a trouble just to become the tremendous roll of bills because it is approximately 500 yen in 5000ks to circulate, and to count it.